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January 18, 2022
1640103978 539270amphenolosfpinterconnectsystemtextimage1x1textadenglish

High-Speed Serial Application Interconnect System Optimized for Signal Integrity Performance

Amphenol ICC Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable (OSFP) Interconnect System features 60 contacts per port, with a 0.6mm contact pitch, and eight high-speed channels. These interconnects are enhanced for low crosstalk and offer ground commoning for resonance dampening. OSFP is designed for 1U applications. The module side features an integrated heat sink for optimal thermal performance.

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1640103978 539271stmicrovnd70vnq70driverstextimage1x1textadenglish

VND70/VNQ70 High-Side Drivers

STMicroelectronics VND70/VNQ70 High-Side Drivers for Automotive Applications are dual/quad channel using ST proprietary VIPower® M0-7 technology. The high-side drivers provide protection and diagnostics by driving 12V automotive grounded loads through a 3V and 5V CMOS-compatible interface. Load current limitation, overload active management by power limitation and overtemperature shutdown with configurable latch-off are integrated advanced protective functions available in the VND70/VNQ70 high-side drivers. In case of fault or disabled latch-off functionality a FaultRST pin unlatches the output.

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1640103979 539272siliconlabsbg22explorerkittextimage1x1textadenglish

BG22 Wireless SoC Explorer Kit

Silicon Labs BG22 Wireless SoC Explorer Kit is an ultra-low-cost, small form factor development and evaluation platform for the EFR32BG22 Gecko Wireless BLUETOOTH® System-on-Chip. The Explorer Kit provides the necessary tools for developing a Silicon Labs wireless application. The BG22 Explorer Kit includes a mikroBUS™ socket and Qwiic® connector, allowing users to add features to the kit with a large selection of off-the-shelf boards.

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1640103979 539273hartinghanpneumaticdoublemodulestextimage1x1textadenglish

Han® Pneumatic Double Modules

HARTING Han® Pneumatic Double Modules are connectors for compressed air transmission designed to increase the range of pneumatic interface options. The contacts of the interface feature a larger connection range of 8mm and 10mm. This design offers the capacity to operate valve terminals in robotics and machinery markets. These modules withstand 10,000 mating cycles and are easy to assemble with proven quick-connection technology. Han Pneumatic Double Modules are part of the HARTING Han Modular series.

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1640103979 539274intelfmchdmidaughtercardtextimage1x1textadenglish

FMC HDMI Daughter Card

Intel FMC HDMI Daughter Card is based on the Pericom re-driver device and supports up to 6G video interfacing. The Pericom HDMI 2.0 Re-driver ensures reliable signal integrity and FPGA protection. The Daughter Card provides DDC I2C buffering and CEC digital buffering. The HDMI Daughter Card is compatible with the Altera example designs. The Intel FMC HDMI Daughter Card is designed to be used with the Bitec HDMI IP core.

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1640103979 539275onsemim3s1200vsicmosfetstextimage1x1textadenglish

M3S 1200V Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

onsemi M3S 1200V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are optimized for fast switching applications. The planar technology works reliably with negative gate voltage drive and turn-off spikes on the gate. The onsemi M3S 1200V MOSFETs provide optimum performance when driven with an 18V gate drive but also works well with a 15V gate drive. The M3S offers low switching losses and is housed in a TO247-4LD package for low common source inductance.

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1640103979 539276pulsetlvrdualwindinginductorstextimage1x1textadenglish

TLVR Dual Winding Inductors

Pulse Electronics Trans-inductor Voltage Regulator (TLVR) Dual Winding Inductors are used to power processors, memory, FPGAs, and ASICs in servers, data centers, and storage systems. These inductors feature TLVR topology that enables faster transient response and utilizes a dual winding power bead inductor. These inductors leverage over existing high-volume automated manufacturing to ensure quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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1640103980 539277analogtextimage180x1501x1textadenglish

Plug in to the latest information and online resources from Analog Devices

Analog Devices offers a vast array of content and online resources that make learning about the latest technology and design trends as easy as clicking a button. Dive into articles, blogs, videos, whitepapers and more to take your design ideas from prototype to finished design, and then into the market.

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