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Product Spotlight
September 14, 2021
1629479005 418549qorvoqpa0007poweramplifiertextimage1x1english

Reconfigurable dual-band GaN MMIC power amplifier

Qorvo QPA0007 Power Amplifier is a reconfigurable dual-band GaN (Gallium Nitride) MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) power amplifier operating in both S-Band and X-Band. In S-Band, the amplifier provides 32W saturated power over the 3.1–3.5GHz frequency range. In X-Band, it provides 28W saturated power from 9–11GHz. QPA0007 Power Amplifiers are 100% DC and RF tested to ensure compliance with electrical specifications. This high-performing power amplifier is ideally used in radar systems.

1629479025 418551samtechighspeedcableassembliestextimage1x1english

High-Speed Cable Assemblies

Samtec High-Speed Cable Assemblies include ACCELERATE® slim body, ERCD 0.80mm Edge Rate®, HLCD high-speed hermaphroditic, HQCD 0.50mm Q Strip®, and SEAC SEARAY™ series. The ACCELERATE cable assembly consists of the ARC6 slim cable body that mates together with the ARF6 series for a secure connection. The ERCD 0.80mm Edge Rate assemblies use Samtec's Eye Speed cable to provide a 14Gbps performance and feature a double-row system to 120 pins and a standard metal latching system.

1629479050 418552maximmax78000processortextimage1x1english

AI MCU with Neural Network Accelerator

Maxim Integrated MAX78000 AI MCU with Neural Network Accelerator is used for Artificial intelligence (AI) applications that require extreme computational horsepower. The MAX78000 is built to enable neural networks and combines energy-efficient AI processing with ultra-low-power microcontrollers. The hardware-based convolutional neural network (CNN) accelerator enables battery-powered applications to execute AI inferences while spending only microjoules of energy. The MAX78000 is available in an 81-pin CTBGA package with a -40°C to +105°C operating temperature range.

1629479123 418553infineonusbpowerdeliverysolutiontextimage1x1english

USB-C Charging Solutions

Infineon Technologies USB-C Charging Solutions are designed to decrease complexity and eliminate the risk that products are not compliant with EU regulations. Infineon has been supplying charger manufacturers globally for more than 20 years and offers custom-fit semiconductors that can be tailored to the user's needs such as price, performance, and ultrahigh power density. Infineon provides a wide range of system solutions ranging from HV / LV power MOSFETs and digital controllers to USB-PD protocol solutions.

1629479148 418554xilinxalveou250acceleratorcardtextimage1x1english

U250 Data Center Accelerator Card

Xilinx Alveo™ U250 Data Center Accelerator Card is a PCI Express® Gen3 x16 compliant card designed to accelerate compute-intensive applications such as machine learning, data analytics, and video processing. The U250 Data Center Card is compliant with the PCIe CEM rev.3.0 Specification as a dual-slot, standard height card. The card with the passive cooling enclosure is three-quarters in length, and the card with the active cooling enclosure is full length.

1629479169 418555amphenolsgxinirsensorsr32r290textimage1x1english

Integrated IR (INIR) Sensors for R32 and R290

Amphenol SGX Sensortech Integrated IR (INIR) Sensors for R32 and R290 use a microcontroller with an ARM7 core and software that increases reliability while minimizing the probability of faults. These refrigerant gas sensors feature automatic switchover between ranges, high resolution up to 20ppm, detectivity level at 100ppm, and typical low power consumption of <100mW (average).

1629479213 418556sanyodenkisanace409hvatextimage1x1english

9HVA Type High Static Pressure DC Fans

Sanyo Denki San Ace 40 9HVA Type High Static Pressure DC Fans measure 40mm x 40mm x 28mm and feature very high static pressure (9.24" H2O; 2304Pa) with a maximum airflow of 37.1CFM. These energy-saving fans also provide a 20% reduction in power consumption compared to previous models. The small size provides enhanced design flexibility and high cooling performance. A PWM control function is standard to control the fan speed.

1629479230 418557nexperianxsnxblsfautosensetranslationtextimage1x1english

AutoSense Translation Transceivers

Nexperia NXS, NXB, LSF AutoSense Translation Transceivers offer automatic bidirectional sensing for interface voltage level translation. Voltage translation is used to ensure that devices operating at different supply voltages in a system can work with each other without any damaging current flow and signal loss. These 1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit, and 8-bit devices can be used in both push-pull and open-drain based applications without the use of an additional direction pin.


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