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Integrate more analog functions with a housekeeping MSP430™ microcontroller

Need to reduce board size, lower costs or component count?  Explore the benefits a secondary MCU can provide to your system, offloading basic housekeeping functions from the main processor, to help simplify your design.

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Texas Instruments Housekeepingmcus 300x250 Ed 021121 Kmr


Texas Instruments Msp430 Fr2433 315x180 Ed 021821 Kmr

TI’s MSP430 microcontroller platform is based on an ultra-low-power FRAM system architecture that increases performance while lowering energy consumption. The MSP430FR2433 is TI’s lowest-cost family of MCUs for sensing and measurement applications. 

Texas Instruments Msp430 Fr2111 315x180 Ed 021821 Kmr

MSP430F2xx family: Get more from power from your MCU with integrated analog

MSP430FR21xx devices are ultra-low-power, low-cost MCUs built on the FRAM architecture. These devices provide integrated peripherals and combine low-power modes to achieve extended battery life in portable, battery-powered sensing applications. 

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Texas Instruments Msp430 Fr2476 315x180 Ed 021821 Kmr

MSP430FR247x family: Delivering integrated analog at extended temps

MSP430FR247x MCUs are created to support industrial applications, leveraging the FRAM data-logging capabilities. This device integrates a 12-bit SAR ADC and one comparator, and offers an extended temperature range from –40°C up to 105°C.

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Video: ADC wake and transmit on threshold

As you look for ways to improve the efficiency of your boards, explore the value of a housekeeping MCU. The video will share how to use an integrated ADC to wake up your MCU using a simple GUI. 

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Video: Voltage monitor with a timestamp

Supporting voltage monitoring doesn’t need to be difficult. Using a housekeeping MCU, this video will provide the steps to implement a voltage monitor with a timestamp. Using hardware with a MSP430 MCU, you will see how this is implemented in code.

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Video: Programmable system wake-up controller

The MSP430 MCU will be used as a programmable system wakeup controller using the internal real-time clock module for counting the time. You will learn how to use a UART to configure the wake-up time through a GUI, with an MSP430FR2433 LaunchPad.

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Video: SPI I/O Expander

For optimal efficiency, I/O expansion is critical. In this demo, you will learn how to expand I/O pins using a SPI module in an MSP microcontroller. In addition, you will see how you can use a GUI to set and read values to the expanded I/O port.

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Discover the MSP430™ MCUs Development Guide Book

The MSP430 MCU Development Guide Book is a pocket reference that serves as a quick guide to find key MSP430 resources. Whether you need help to start development or just a quick reference, this guide book has the answers! 

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How to Use the Smart Analog Combo in MSP430™ MCUs

MSP430™ MCUs integrate analog functions to help improve sensing and measurement performance. With full signal chain implementation, you can replace select analog functions in your system.  Explore the benefits of analog integration in MSP430 MCUs.

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