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How single-pair Ethernet brings the network edge closer with fewer cables

With the development of IEEE 802.3cg, it’s now feasible to transmit data faster and farther over one pair of twisted wires. This innovation enables designers to take Ethernet to the most remote edge node of a network and supports the same network protocol wherever they are located in the world. 

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Texas Instruments Faster Farther 300x250 Ed 102020 Kmr


Texas Instruments Evm Prod1 315x180 Ed 102020 Kmr

Evaluate the low power, long cable reach capabilities of the 10Base-T1L IEEE 802.3cg compliant DP83TD510 PHY in your design. Get started with our EVM!

Texas Instruments 26 E Prod2 315x180 Ed 102020 Kmr

Low latency 10/100-Mbps Ethernet PHY with MII interface and enhanced mode

With low round-trip latency of 210 ns and deterministic latency variation of ±2 ns, the DP83826E enables designers to reduce system response time or add extra nodes in daisy-chained networks without increasing system size or cost.

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Texas Instruments 25 I 315x180 Ed 102020 Kmr

Smallest form factor (3-mm by 3-mm), low-power 10/100-Mbps Ethernet PHY

The small package, low power consumption and long cable reach of the DP83825I enable designers to reduce the size and cost of space-constrained applications without sacrificing network reach.

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Leveraging single-pair Ethernet in building automation

Read this technical white paper to learn how 10BASE-T1L Ethernet PHYs can increase connectivity in building automation designs.

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Extend network reach with IEEE 802.3cg 10BASET1L Ethernet PHY

Designing a robust system to handle the challenges of communicating over 1,000 meters requires consideration of the capabilities of an Ethernet PHY and the specifications of the cable. Learn how the DP83TD510E helps designers maximize cable reach.

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Single-pair Ethernet, the future of industrial communications

Watch our on-demand training to learn how single-pair Ethernet is driving a cost-effective solution to achieve real-time Ethernet communications for more efficient and better connected smart factories.

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Top 3 considerations for harsh, industrial Ethernet

The industrial environment is very different from the commercial environment and poses its own set of challenges. Here are the three most important aspects to consider when selecting Ethernet PHYs for your system.

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How and why to use the DP83826E Ethernet PHY for EtherCAT® applications

The ultra-low latency DP83826E Ethernet PHY enables designers to build industrial Ethernet systems supporting protocols such as EtherCAT®. Learn how to connect an Ethernet PHY onto an EtherCAT® Slave Controller (ESC) in this application note.

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The difference between low latency and determinism and why it matters

Ready to maximize operations on your production floor? Minimizing latency and its variation enables faster cycle times or the ability to add more nodes on a single bus. Watch this video to learn more.

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EtherCAT® Slave and multi-protocol industrial Ethernet reference design

This reference design implements a cost-optimized high EMC immunity EtherCAT slave (dual ports) with SPI-interface to the application processor. The hardware design is capable of supporting multi-protocol industrial ethernet and field-busses.

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Daisy-chained power and data over single-pair Ethernet (T1) reference design

Communication systems in daisy-chain topology need significantly less hardware and wiring than conventional systems in star-topology. When combined with single-pair Ethernet and power over data line, the design gets simplified with fewer wires.

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